Dovetail Orthopedics: Lapiplasty® Reviews – Real Stories from Real People

When considering a medical procedure, you may turn to the stories, Lapiplasty® reviews, and the experiences of others to gauge what to expect. In the orthopedic world, especially regarding niche procedures like Lapiplasty®, personal testimonials can sometimes be scarce. Given the deeply personal nature of medical experiences, it’s understandable why some may hesitate to share. So, how can one make an informed decision on Lapiplasty® without enough patient feedback?

Aggregating Lapiplasty® Reviews

At Dovetail Orthopedics, we value genuine patient testimonials. Recognizing the importance of these firsthand experiences, we’ve taken the initiative to gather reviews not just from our own patients but from those who underwent the Lapiplasty® procedure with other surgeons. We believe in providing you with a holistic perspective to guide your decision-making process.

Reviews from Lapiplasty® Patients

April | Lapiplasty® Review

“Five months after surgery, I ran my first 10K; ten months later, a half marathon.”

MARGO C. | Lapiplasty® Review

“I’ve needed a bunionectomy for many years and I’m glad I finally chose to have the surgery… experienced in Lapiplasty and it’s clear how much he loves his job in helping his patients live a better quality of life.”

Laura | Lapiplasty® Review

“It was so good to be able to get back to doing the things I enjoy without pain!”

Tom | Lapiplasty® Review

“I think I was most surprised that I was able to walk so soon and put pressure on my foot again without much pain.”

Tiffany from West Virginia: “I have had two surgeries. This time was so much easier than the first time. I had very little pain and I could walk almost right away!”

Nicole | Lapiplasty® Review

“The surgery was actually a breeze. I was really, really pleased and I am very happy to have a completely straight toe again.”

Amanda from Illinois | Lapiplasty® Review

“My sister and I both had bunion surgery at the same time, but she can’t understand why I can wear my heels with no problem and how I recovered so fast.”

Judy | Lapiplasty® Review

“The difference between my first bunion surgery and the Lapiplasty® Procedure was like night and day. I was happy with how quickly I was on my feet and fully recovered with the new approach.”

Wanda | Lapiplasty® Review

“My foot looks amazing; you wouldn’t believe it was the same foot.”

Carrie from Colorado | Lapiplasty® Review

“My husband and I both felt my foot looked so much better after my Lapiplasty® surgery. Much better than expected.”

Jim | Lapiplasty® Review

“I had very little pain from the surgery. Overall it was easier than anticipated.”

Jen | Lapiplasty® Review

“I have been able to get back into the swing of things… Every day, my foot feels better!”


Why Choose Lapiplasty®?

These testimonials shine a light on the transformative effects of the Lapiplasty® procedure. From increased mobility and a rapid return to favorite activities to reduced pain and enhanced aesthetic results, the feedback paints an overwhelmingly positive picture.

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