We’ve all been there. You’ve switched to more comfortable shoes, spent countless evenings with an ice pack on your bunions, downed dose after dose of IBuprofen or Tylenol, and even invested in specialty shoe inserts. Yet, despite all these efforts, you’re still plagued with that persistent, nagging bunion pain every single day. Fotunately, Dr. Santrock and the team at Treace Medical Concepts developed a new bunion correction surgery, Lapiplasty®. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Lapiplasty®. 

The Key Benefit of Lapiplasty®: Addressing the Root Cause

While many are familiar with traditional 2D osteotomy surgery, which simply cuts and shifts the bone to address the cosmetic appearance of the bunion, Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ offers a more comprehensive solution. Instead of merely addressing the surface problem, Lapiplasty® corrects the entire bone in three dimensions, providing a more comprehensive treatment approach. Moreover, it stabilizes the unstable foundation, which is often the core issue behind bunions. The results are impressive: 97% and 99% of patients maintain this 3D correction at 13 and 17 months post-surgery respectively.

The Rapid Recovery Benefit of Lapiplasty®

One of the standout benefits of Lapiplasty® is the relatively swift recovery period. Here’s what you can expect post-surgery:

  • Within Days: You can begin to put some weight on your foot, making mobility far easier.1
  • Next 4-6 Weeks: As you walk in a boot, you’ll find yourself returning to daily activities and regaining a sense of normalcy.
  • At 6-8 Weeks: It’s time to transition back into those comfortable shoes you’ve missed. You might start low-impact exercises, but it’s essential to discuss this choice with your doctor.
  • At 3 Months: You are returning to almost any shoe in your closet that you desire.
  • At 4-6 Months: you can return to sports activities… although we have allowed low-impact exercise all along.

The Insurance Coverage Benefit of Lapiplasty®

Good news for those considering Lapiplasty® — it’s typically covered by most insurances and Medicare. These providers recognize bunionectomy and joint fusion procedures that utilize the Lapiplasty® System as medically necessary. For peace of mind, your doctor’s office can liaise directly with your insurance provider. They will determine your specific level of coverage and communicate this to you after evaluating your condition and formulating a surgical plan.

The Benefit of Having Dr. Santrock as Your Lapiplasty® Surgeon

When considering a surgical procedure, the expertise of the surgeon is paramount. In the realm of Lapiplasty®, Dr. Santrock stands out as a pioneering figure. With over 400 successful surgeries under his belt, his vast experience and intricate knowledge of the procedure make him a trusted choice for many. Opting for Lapiplasty® with Dr. Santrock at the helm not only ensures safety but also significantly increases the chances of a successful outcome. His dedication to the procedure and to his patients’ well-being is unmatched, making him an integral benefit of the Lapiplasty® experience.

The Post-Lapiplasty® Benefits of Getting Back to an Active Lifestyle

One of the most exhilarating benefits of the Lapiplasty® Procedure is the ability to get back to an active lifestyle. This isn’t just a solution for those leading a sedentary life. Even highly active individuals have found success with Lapiplasty®. Within weeks, most patients can return to low-impact activities. And the best part? By the 3-6 month mark, a majority of patients receive the green light to embrace full activity, including high-impact sports. Whether you’re an athlete or simply someone who loves to stay active, Lapiplasty® can pave the way for a pain-free, active future.

Discover More About Lapiplasty®

Are you intrigued by the potential benefits of Lapiplasty®? Dive deeper into the pros and cons of this revolutionary bunion surgery by visiting Dovetail Ortho’s comprehensive guide. Your journey to a pain-free life could be just a click away.

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